Fullerton College welcomes students to our beautiful campus in a safe gradual reopening! A full reopening of the campus is expected in January 2022. Significant changes have been made throughout the campus to upgrade ventilation systems and create safe and welcoming spaces for students.

Students have the flexibility to shape their college experience by choosing in-person and/or online instruction. Whether students select in-person, online or a hybrid approach to their spring semester, Fullerton College faculty and staff will be there at each step of the way to support students throughout their journey.

Vaccination Mandate Now In Effect

The best way to assure a smooth and safe return to campus is by striving for widespread vaccinations #HiveImmunity. On August 24, the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees voted to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees, and for students enrolled in on-campus classes with allowances for religious or medical exemptions as defined by law.

The mandate went into effect on November 1, but students and employees are still encouraged to upload their records to gain compliance if they have not done so already. Free testing is now required through the fall semester for students and employees who are not in compliance with the mandate. More information is available on the Safety First page.

Fullerton College continues to require compliance with all Health and Safety Protocols for being on-site. This includes appropriate physical distancing as defined by the CDC, and facial coverings that cover your nose and mouth. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to fluctuate, requiring constant monitoring and flexibility. Thank you for your continued resiliency and resourcefulness during these times.

Spring Registration

All students are eligible to enroll in online classes. Students with a verified vaccine record on file in MyGateway or students with an approved exemption may take classes on-campus as well.